Page 2 - 2016 Tipo's Toy Box Flyer
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When kids pretend, they practice relationship skills. Encourage imaginative play, and watch your child grow into a creative, compassionate young person.
Calico Critters Seaside Ice Cream Shop These Critters from International Playthings love delicious ice cream! Over 30 pieces including Sandra Sandy Cat, spinning ice cream scoops hideaway, counter with ice cream, cones, bowls, spoons, table, chairs, rocking bench and more! Ages 3+
The Irish Fairy Door
Invite a magical fairy from the Irish Fairy Door Com- pany License-2-Play into your home! Children can feed them, read them stories and leave drawings. The fairy can leave notes and treats for the children too! Ages 3+ $24.99
Folkmanis® French Bulldog Puppet
A playful pooch whose raison d'être is to be adored, the Folkmanis® French Bulldog pup- pet is the epitome of cuteness! You’ll carry this canine companion everywhere and fool your friends with your newly well-trained lapdog. Ages 3+ $29.99

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